Content Marketing: 5 key Benefits of Blogging for Business

For the small business owner, it has become increasingly challenging to get noticed and attract new customers online. The internet has become a noisy place and many marketing managers struggle to find successful ways stand out and get noticed.

Where is the best place to invest time and money in today’s wildly changing digital marketing landscape?

Blogging is an incredibly effective tool when working to publicize your business. When done right, can allow business owners to attract new potential customers, as well as continue to engage current customers.  No matter what type of store you run or service you provide, keeping a current blog may be just what’s needed to reach more customers and generate more leads.


Getting Started


Create a Blog Strategy

To start your blog strategy, begin by creating your buyer personas by defining the ideal target market. Understanding who you are writing for will allow you to focus on the needs, challenges and pain-points a potential customer may be searching to find answers for.  By educating potential customers about ideas for solutions, ‘how to’ articles or provide helpful tips, your business will quickly begin to build trust and credibility.


Set Goals

Commit to a blog schedule and be consistent.  In addition to building brand awareness, set attainable goals such as increase website traffic 10x in three months or generate 25 new leads per month.


Here are several ways a business will benefit from a blog:

SEO to improve search rankings

By strategically blogging to target certain keywords or phrases, you will increase your chances of potential customers viewing your content and becoming familiar with your business.

Google not only wants to see great content, it also wants to see it consistently. It tells them that you’re a dedicated, great resource for your industry and will, therefore, appear to be more relevant than your competitors.


Attract New Visitors & Engage Current Customers

Create valuable, educational content on a variety of helpful topics designed to attract new visitors to your website and keep your customers coming back. This increases the chances of people reading your valuable content and discovering your business or services.


Exhibit Expertise

Beyond brand awareness, blogging allows small business to demonstrate knowledge about their particular product or service.  When visitors experience the expertise displayed on a website, this begins to develop a sense of trust and they are more likely to do business with you.


Create Shareable Content

Visitors who find your content helpful will happily share with their online community. Because blogging is just one aspect of your marketing strategy, be sure to add social share buttons to your posts.  Blog articles will also create great content for social media posts, email marketing and developing content upgrade pieces such as ebooks and worksheets.



Your blog is an excellent place for calls-to-action (CTAs) because it is a section of your website that is continually being updated, bringing in new visitors who translate into new potential leads. It provides an area to recommend next steps, related content, or related offers to begin to nurture them through the buyer’s journey.


Final Thoughts

Blogging may seem like an obscure form of communication but when done correctly, can be an incredibly effective tool when the goal is to increase awareness of your business, convert visitors into leads, and boost your SEO ranking.