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The math is pretty simple. As long as your messages are properly targeted, the more contacts you have in your database, the more people will actually see your message, raising its overall effectiveness. With Creative Links, you get a few options for how you collect contact data: mobile keywords, online sign-up pages, Facebook widgets, QR codes, and mobile app downloads.

Here are a few strategies you could use to quickly build your contact database:

1.     Place your mobile keyword or QR code around your store and on your standard business collateral.
2.     Incentivize opt-ins with coupons. With Creative Links, you can have a coupon sent automatically when someone signs up.
3.     If you’re using traditional marketing media like direct mail and print ads, you can advertise your digital program on those too.
4.     Have cashiers circle or stamp a “call to action” to sign up on receipts before handing them to the customer.
5.     Just ask! Often times customers want to be kept up-to-date on your business, and all they need is a little nudge to opt in.





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