MailChimp makes it easy for your subscribers to read your campaigns on mobile phones. The mobile features allow you to tailor content specifically to those subscribers and make sure your campaign looks good on smartphones and desktops alike.

Mobile Signup Forms

MailChimp will automatically generate a mobile version of your email campaigns and send them to subscribers who prefer to read on mobile devices.

To enable this feature, make sure your signup form has this option. Go to Lists > Forms > Settings > List Name And Defaults and check the box that says Let your subscribers pick an email format. Your images will generally appear smaller, and the system will stack your content into a single column so it’s easier to digest on a smartphone.

Mobile Versions Of Campaign Archives

Every MailChimp campaign has a permanent, unique web address in the Campaign Archive. This is where it’s linked from the campaign header text:

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

MailChimp automatically translates your campaigns into a mobile friendly version when viewed in a mobile browser. So when someone using a mobile device clicks to view an email in their browser, it’s optimized for them.

Preview Mobile Campaigns

MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector shows you what your campaign’s going to look like in all the major email programs and on mobile devices, so you can be sure your campaign’s mobile friendly before sending.

For the more tech-savvy coder, you can use CSS to adapt an HTML email for optimal display on mobile devices.  You will need to edit the code to tell  mobile email clients and browsers to scale down the width of the email layout to 300/325 pixels wide, so that it fits comfortably on displays that are no wider than 480 pixels (i.e. the width of an iPhone in landscape mode)

The rise of mobile email has meant that we may soon be at liberty to create more Web-like email experiences. It has also meant that optimizing your newsletters for handheld and touch displays has gone from being a “nice thing to have” to a given.