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Announcing Marketing Automation for 2016!

We are thrilled to announce the direction Creative Links is heading: Marketing Automation! For our first Marketing Automation feature, we introduce Smart Filters. Smart Filters make it possible to automatically sort your contact lists based upon your customers’ demographics or behaviors in order to send more relevant, more effective messages.

Create your own set of sophisticated rules and the system will automatically build a targeted contact list for you, allowing only the contacts who meet those specific requirements to receive your message. For example, you can send a promotional text message to only the contacts that have redeemed a Loyalty Program point in the past week. As another example, in the month of March, you can send a mobile birthday coupon to all of your contacts whose birthdays are in March. This kind of targeted messaging yields greater responses, connecting you with your customers in ways that were simply not possible before.

When you combine this new capability with all of the upcoming Marketing Automation features we’ve got lined up, the possibilities will be endless for your marketing pursuits.

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