Pay with a like is all you need to send your site viral.

Simply allow visitors to exchange a Like, +1 or Tweet for post content, videos, a free download, a coupon code or pretty much anything you want.

Then, by clicking Like, they’ll promote your site to their friends, followers and colleagues… who may also want to pay with a like.

And the more likes, +1s and tweets you get – the higher your post and sites will appear in Google, making this amazing for SEO too!

How does it work?

The Pay with a Like plugin lets you leverage the power of social currency in order to give access to content or a download. You know your content is share-worthy, but how do you get those lazy visitors to take a minute to share with their friends? Make them pay with a Like on Facebook!

Social Share Wall

Essentially you are protecting your content behind a Social Share Wall, like a paywall (where your readers ‘pay’ to access content) except you get them to share your website with their friends and colleagues instead of asking for cash.

Its the smartest way to get your site out there, drive traffic and push yourself up Google (which takes these kind of social signals very, very seriously).

Some ideas of the things you could start protecting:

  • Your company’s latest super saver discount code.
  • A special download
  • News articles
  • Member’s Only content
  • Reviews
  • The second half of a gripping article
  • And really, pretty much anything

Get the Pay-with-a-like plug-in from WPMU Dev as part of their membership package.